Technical Team

With over 100 combined years of technical experience, our team cover a wide range of skills and abilities comprising of junior, field and second line technicians through to server specialists and system developers. All of our team are dedicated and enthusiastic about their working passion within IT and whatever your needs, we feel we have the right person to provide you with the technical support you deserve. Whilst our core service is setup and instilled into all of our technical team, we also promote confidence in our work force and encourage several other variations of the use of IT such as web development, programming and data analysis to make sure that as well as covering your basic IT needs, overall as a team we can also meet the more unique requirements you may have as a valued EdIT customer. Alongside this we also offer training and development opportunities and pride ourselves on a happy work force.

Cabling/Installation Team

Our cabling division can survey, deliver and install just about any piece of ICT equipment. Network infrastructure, SMART boards, projectors to just name a few. They also specialize in data cabling, whether it’s a few new ports you would like in an office or a whole new wing of the school brought to life. All installations are surveyed to pin point accuracy, this information is then relayed back to our Account Managers who draw up a competitive quote and sent to you. Installation is completed at the highest of standards, everything is tested and work is only complete and signed off once you, the customer is happy.

Account Managers

Our accounts team are a dedicated unit to support the financial and management side of your support. You as a school will have a commited and caring Accounts Manager assigned to deal with purchasing new equipment, contract agreements and act as a link between you and EdIT Concepts. Any non technical queries or worries you may have these are exactly what these people are for, they can answer any questions and guide you through many proccesses which are involved in the ICT support of a school.

Meet our Accounts Managers below…

Dean Miles                          Alison Tarbuck

Central Team

Our central team is the backbone to the company, answering calls from our customers and communicating issues and quiries throughout each of the teams. They keep our technicians up to date with the sites that they are required at and making sure everything is running smootly. Operations are also controlled from here which involves project planning, high end technical work and personel management.