One of the essential presentation aids, projectors cannot be beaten for displaying large scale to any sized audience. You can expect to see projectors in 95% of all classrooms up and down the country because of their crystal clear projectors and great lifetime. Teachers can display presentations, learning resources, videos and much more without fuss, the projector will display exactly what is on the teachers PC or laptop. With computer graphics accelerating at the rate it is we now supply projectors with both VGA (Analogue) and HDMI (Digital) outputs to provide that extra bit of quality when it is needed most.

Flat Screen Display TV

A flat screen display TV can be used to create a visual impact in and around the school. Many of the installations we have carried out are in the main reception fo the school, this can display vital information for parents and pupils who are entering the school or be used to show off school activites and pupil’s work. These displays are controlled from a PC so anything you can create on a Windows machines can be displayed, from PowerPoint presentations to slide shows.