Managed wireless

At EdIT we understand that it is no longer sufficient to simply provide internet access to pupils and teacher, today we believe a wireless solution is vital. With mobile devices becoming hugely popular, a wireless solution that can provide a fast, reliable connection is crucial. Our engineers can work with your school to desgin and implement intelligent wireless environments to meet your requirements both now and in the future.

Over the past few years wireless networks have changed from being a convienience to becoming a vital assest to pupils, teachers and administrators. Schools now require wireless networks that are fit for supporting the delivery of education dynamically and proactivley. It is no longer acceptable to suffer from slow login times, patchy coverage or dropped connections. At EdIT we implement Cisco Wireless Networks, a wireless solution for education with the speed and realiability to meet teaching requirements. It is designed to provide high performance that gives schools an easily scalable and future proof system.

We understand with the increasing number of mobile devices and pupils in classrooms and connectivity to the network and internet is vital, knowing this we provide a wireless access point in every classroom to ensure that everyone can get online fast and effectivley. The wireless network is designed to eliminate the complexity of wireless, we believe this is espeically valuable for schools. Schools can simply ‘set it and forget it’ so they can focus on teaching and learning.

networking arcitechture 

With increasing demand for network and internet connectivity on a rising amount of machines and devices we know that a strong network architechture is key in delivering the best experience. The backbone of your network is vital in all situtations, whether you are connecting 30+ iPads to your wireless network or streaming content to your ICT suite. We at EdIT can provide a detailed survey of your current setup and what can be done to improve your overall connection. 

Improvements can be made to your network by replacing equipment with new products, speed and bandwidth has become a huge aspect with increasing internet speeds and numbers of connected devices on site. Switches are the heart of the network, all traffic is diverted through these and pushed out the correct devices, these need to be kept up to date to provide the quickest speed and reliability. 

Network connectivity

We at EdIT have many years in connecting networks together, whether this is installing data or electrical points in classrooms or connecting two buildings together with a high speed Fibre Optic cable. Our cabling team can provide you with detailed surveys that will indicate what can be improved or what can be done to cater for your needs. We can provide you with safe, reliable and future proof solutions which all are hidden behind very clean looking trunking.