What is deployment?

With advances in server and client technology in recent years we are now able to create individual images for each of our schools. These images are complete Windows installs along with the applications speicific to each schools, these are fully customizable and can be deployed in groups to laptops and machines. Having this tool enables us to meet your exact requirements for your devices and have them setup and ready to go within hours. 

Image creation

Our engineers will sit down with you and decide on what is needed from your devices, what you want them to do and how you want them to operate. An applications list is key for this process as everything is done within the deployment process so that once it is complete users can operate their devices with no other interaction from us. Once the application list is complete all of these are installed onto a clean Windows installation, these all go through rigorous testing to ensure that there will be no issues when the devices are being used. These images can be customised to your requirements, things like certain components can be blocked or hidden from pupil use but enabled for teaching use. Once the image is created it is stored on our dedicated Deployment Server where it can be used in future deployments or when a machine has a fault.

Image Deployment

At our dedicated deployment workshop we can deploy up to 16 devices simultaneously, the whole process can take from anywhere between 10 minutes to an hour, therefore enabling us to have your machines and laptops imaged with all of your applications and settings very efficiently and in no time at all. These deployments can be used for new orders of devices, current machines and laptops or when a device in operation has become faulty and can be taken off site and imaged the same day.