Servers will run and control almost every aspect of a working ICT and business environment. Servers can range in many different shapes and sizes, technically and physically so that we can always find the right make and model to suite your needs. Below is a more descriptive breakdown of what we traditionally find servers are required for and the roles they can perform.

Within the educational sector, we have many guidelines on which to adhere to that we check on a regular basis, allowing us specify according for your schools requirements. Below are three options that you will be able to easily identify as the best server for yourselves. 

Most Key stage one and two schools will be running with one server for their students and teachers to access, which we describe as a Curriculum Server. This will generically manage all of your access to client machines as well as store all of your data. 

Most educational sites will require a separate server for security and data protection to store any sensitive information about the school, its funds and any personnel information, an Admin Server. This will usually be done through the use of software such as Corporate Financial Systems (CFS), School Information Management System (SIMS) and many others. 

As education develops throughout the key stages, it is often found that a site develops well beyond the means and abilities of one server. In such cases it is often required to dedicate server roles within the site. The following examples can be used, Email Server, Internet Security Server, Applications Server and Print Server. We can provide a custom server to do almost any task as this is only limited by the software that drives the function or task required. Further investigation will be required for any such device.