Utilize – Any Device. Any OperaTING sYSTEM. aNYWHERE.

UTiLiZe is a reliable and cost effective way for schools to utilise multi-platform devices (Android, Apple iOS & Windows) in school and remotley from home offering full access to the Windows network files, folder and network software.


Who should have UTiLize?

  • Primary schools that use iPads, Android or Windows RT devices in a classroom environment.
  • High schools that user iPads, Android or Windows RT devices in a classroom environment.
  • Any school that is already running or introducing a BYOD scheme.
  • Any school that wants to offer full network access to pupils and staff remotely from home on any device.


What will UTiLiZe give you?

  • Full Windows Network Access. UTiLiZe is a system that allows your iPads and Android tablets full access to your Windows network files, folders and network software through a remote desktop portal. Any work created and saved whilst running the remote desktop session will be saved to the users network home drive, or network shared area. Users can also transfer data and photos directly from the device.
  • Secure Remote Access. Users can securely login and work from home via and broadband link and get full access to Windows files, folders and network software.
  • Single Network Login. Users login using the same details as their standard school login.


Please contact EdIT Concepts for more details.